Alanya’s most popular places​

In Alanya, there are a ton of places you can go and spend quality time. In this post, I talked about a couple of them.

1- First and Foremost, Alanya Castle

Like everyone knows, the castle is the most known architectural piece in Alanya. Great hiking roads in the morning, a romantic dinner at night. A literal window to great pictures, whether it be a selfie or a landscape.

Firstly known as Coracesium, Alanya was already a community in the year 4 BC. Mostly formed by pirates and guerrillas, the region was a safe haven for them. Since it was on top of a peninsula, it was easier to defend than most places. After Roman general Pompeius conquered that peninsula, he made the city borders larger and added more buildings.

After the Byzantines got a hold of the city, they changed its name to Kalonoros (meaning beautiful mountain). In the year 1221 Kayqubat the Great took the city from them and named it Alaiye (meaning beautiful city). Everyone seemed to agree that Alanya was beautiful even back then. Ever since then, Alanya was under the flag of Turks. After many years, the city grew out of the castle and formed other communities.

Today, if you follow certain paths, you can see hellenistic architecture even in the form of churches inside the castle. A place where the past and now become one. Almost magical if you ask me.

Cleopatra Beach

2- Cleopatra Beach

Legend has it that when Cleopatra’s father was banished from Egypt to Rome, Cleopatra herself enjoyed this beach. Where the water is crystal-clear and sand is gold. Almost 2 kms long, from the castle to the city’s West.

The first 2 years I spent in Alanya, I was in a place just 5 minutes away from the beach. At least once a week, I would just take my earphones and have a walk alongside the sea. While it is crowded during the day, it would be just right during the evenings. Seeing the moon hanging above the sea, fascinated me everytime.

3- Red Tower

The Red Tower is one of the symbols of the city. You can get in and climb to the top for breathtaking Alanya views. If you think there is no way I’m going up that many steps, there are also local restaurants on the ground, just behind the first walls of the castle. They grow their ingredients themselves. So, on a hot Alanya day, a cold juice from locally grown oranges might be just what you need!

4- Sapadere Canyon

No matter how well I write about it, it won’t do the canyon justice. If you are into nature and hiking, this place is a must. The first time I went there, I was enthralled. Cold as ice water, growling into my ears as I try to keep my balance on the rocks. By all means, there are safe roads you can walk, even with railings as well. So not to worry if you are there with your kids. But also, if you have some adventure spirit like me, the roads are endless. But it certainly goes without saying that safety and wellbeing are the most important.

In the middle of trees, bushes and all the green you can imagine, a river flows. You can hike through the ambrosial lushes and have a swim in the icy river.

5- Alanya city center

In the summer days, you probably won’t see a lot of people in the center, because of the sun. But as soon as the sun goes away, people flood the streets, having a coffee, dinner or just simply meeting up with friends.

Be it a romantic dinner with a beautiful view or having fun dancing in a latin dance night, Alanya is full of advantages. You can have a peaceful life just having walks here or you can go out at night or enroll in a course to try what you haven’t before.

With countless shops around town you can spend money on, almost as much as coffee shops or restaurants you can eat in. You can find cheap ones, but also you can find some quality food and or products too. Alanya is comfortable and suitable for everyone.

6- Museums and Tours

If you have a brave heart like me, then these tours are just for you. In Alanya you can do paragliding, rafting, yacht tours around Alanya, or tours that go to Manavgat, Dim çayı or other nearby cities.

If you are interested in history and geography, you can visit Alanya Archaeological Museum, Atatürk’s House, or the old shipyard and harbour.

Alanya, a captivating mix of history and present, welcomes you to investigate its ancient walls, settling up on Cleopatra beach side, and appreciate all encompassing perspectives from the Red Tower and the Taurus Mountains. Alanya, which is located on the picturesque Turkish Riviera, promises a harmonious fusion of cultural wealth and scenic beauty whether you choose to wander through historical shipyards or indulge in the bustling street markets.