Alanya’s almost forgotten corners – Plateaus and Mountains

Plateaus and Mountains

Everyone I’ve met told me Alanya is truly a beautiful city and no one comes here just once. When I came here for university, I kept coming here even after I finished school. It is truly impossible to cut all ties with this magnificent city. Though I love the people, what kept me here most was the beauty of nature. Even the sunsets are fascinating. Now, I’m planning to write a series so that people can know more about it. In this first post of the series, I would like to talk about plateaus and mountains of Alanya.

When people think of Alanya they first think about the beaches, the sun and really hot weather. But there is a whole other side people keep forgetting it exists. Since Alanya is on the skirts of the Taurus mountains, there are a lot of cool plateaus to pass though the hot summer days. Kaş yaylası, Sapadere yaylası, Türbelinas yaylası, Söğüt yaylası, Dereköy yaylası, Tokar yaylası, Gökbel yaylası, Gedevet yaylası and Akdağ yaylası are a few of the plateaus around Alanya.

Since back in the days, people called “Yörük” were living in tents. In the summer they used this plateaus to live in since they are cooler. And in the winter they came by the sea, since it’s warmer. Some people still live with their old customs and traditions.

By then the people who lived there decreased, and the tourists who came to visit increased. Nowadays people mostly use those places as a tourist spot. A lot of tour companies organize tours there, with atvs or safari cars.

If someday you want to get away from the sun in Alanya, I want you to remember these plateaus. Most of their roads don’t even take an hour. The weather, the view, the food… It will all be worth it.